Numerous solar inventions are ongoing across the globe. Some of them are listed below. 

Voltaic Systems Off-Grid 10-Watt Solar Backpack

Source:- Amazon

Are you a traveling lover? Worried about your phone or laptop getting discharged? Well, take a seat and relax solar has the latest invention on this voltaic system off Grid 10-watt Solar Backup. It is the most efficient solution for power backup. It is portable and will ensure that your device is powered up even when you are away from the power grid.

Solar Road 

Source:- EXtreme Tech

Solar Road is the most beautiful and creative path in North Holland. The solar panels are well commissioned with proper wiring and earthing. The electricity generated by the solar panels is used to illuminate the traffic and street lights. The solar roads are even more enjoyable and greener.

Solar Hat Phone Charger

Source:- The Super BOO

Can you imagine your hat charging your phone? Well, you heard it right SOLSOL has invented a solar fashion hat that consists of five small solar panels.

It is a 100% cotton hat that can charge phones of well-known brands like Samsung, iPhone, LG, etc.

It provides a great help in charging gadgets like ipads, iPods, Bluetooth headphones, etc.

Solar Powered Stadiums

Source:- Landmark Dividend

It is a magnificent sports stadium found in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It can hold a spectator capacity of 55,000 spectators. It can also create a power of around 80% of households. The power of this stadium comes from 8,844 solar panels.

Solar Powered Plant Pot

Source:- Trend Hunter

These are beautiful pots that can enhance the beauty of your garden or backyard. These can exceptionally decorate your home, pathways, etc. These plant pots absorb the sunlight during the day time and illuminate at night. The plant pot can run for near about 6 to 8 hours when fully charged. 

Example- Solar Illuminated Planter.

Solar Powered Paint

Source:- Research2Reality

The Solar Powered Paint turns its entire surface into an efficient generator. This commendable innovation was made by the Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology, they invented a paint that can absorb energy from the sun. It also breaks down water into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen is then stored in cells that can be used in fuel cells.

Charging Patio Table  

Source:- Hammacher

You want to enjoy the garden view while working over your laptop but your laptop is discharged? Want to click beautiful pictures of your lawn but your phone is running out of battery? Don’t worry the latest solar invention named as charging patio table will solve out all your problems. It is integrated with PV panels. These panels serve twin purposes one is being the top surface of the table and another is the source of solar energy to charge your devices.

Solar Powered Cars

Source:- Energy Sage

It is a vehicle that runs on solar power. Some of the solar cars will run through a battery, they basically charge batteries which are in-turn used to power source. The solar car is made up of various technologies like aerospace, alternative energy, bicycle, and automotive industries. A great example of a solar car is Lightyear One Car, which can run for 500 miles on a single charge. It will cost you around $170k.

Wireless IP Outdoor Solar Camera

Source:- Amazon

For enhanced security this solar-powered wireless camera by SOLIOM. It does not just only cover the entire area but also it saves your electricity. This camera is 100% wireless and has an in-built battery that can be sustained by the energy from the sun. It is weather-resistant so offers excellent night vision.