With each new year, the topic of solar power becomes more prominent in news headlines and discussions about economic growth and environmental preservation. While solar energy is far from new (having been developed by Bell Laboratories nearly sixty-five years ago), it has undergone numerous improvements in recent years to make solar panels as efficient as possible. It’s little wonder that more and more homes and commercial buildings are now including solar panels as a means to generate electricity.

If you’re still wondering if going solar is right for your home or business, consider these seven factors:

1.       A solar energy system can enhance the value of your property


Installing solar panels has a cost, but the long-term ROI (return on investment) goes beyond reduced electricity bills as it ultimately increases the value of the property. Millennial home buyers have a great interest in “green” homes, and rooftop solar can help your property sell at the best possible price.

2.       Cut costs

No one has ever felt good about paying a hefty electric bill! With solar power, you’ll start cutting costs right away. The extra benefit is that any excess energy your system produces can be sold back to your electrical provider. 

3.       Reclaim Your Independence

When you invest in a solar power system, you’re no longer tied to an energy provider who can raise utility prices. You also will have more protection against power grid failures and blackouts/brownouts.

4.       Efficiently uses available space

Rooftop solar panels are an effective use of space that also creates monetary value. The same applies to any available area that is underutilized. Turn that back lot or garage roof into a space that reduces your energy costs every month!

5.       Solar Power is Driving Economic Growth and Creating Jobs

As more individuals and businesses incorporate solar into their energy and building plans, the faster that job creation and economic growth come. The expansion also results in new solar power-driven technology and applications that make our lives easier and cleaner.

6.       Solar is Easy to Use


If you’ve ever used an outdoor solar home lighting system, you know how easy it is to set up and use – no cords to run, no remembering to turn the switch on or off. After your solar panel installation is complete, the sun does the work!

7.       Keeps the Planet Clean and Green

Solar power does not emit greenhouse gasses, and it’s a 100% renewable resource. You can use as much or as little as you want, and its supply will not run out. When you opt for solar energy to power your home or building, you’re helping to improve your community’s air quality and reduce reliance on our ever-diminishing fossil fuels.

As more countries worldwide embrace the use of renewable sources of energy, the adoption of solar power will continue to grow in both the residential and commercial building sectors. Whether you’re interested in it from a cost savings perspective or an environmental one, the benefits of solar are there for the taking!