Sonam Wangchuk, an Indian scientist famous for innovations & a famous movie character has developed the world’s 1st Solar Heated Military Tent. Himalayan Institute of Alternatives of Ladakh (HAIL) developed this project for military soldiers. Inspiring from the recent clash of the Indian Army & the Chinese Army on the border, Wangchuk came ahead for his contribution to the country. He invented this technology 15 years back for shepherds living in cold areas.

The project was to develop a passive solar heated tent for soldiers positioned in cold areas. The tent is divided into two chambers, the first one is a greenhouse chamber to capture the sunlight & the other one is a highly insulated sleeping chamber.

The greenhouse chamber arrests the daytime heat of sunlight to keep the area warmer, while in the nighttime sleeping chamber stays warm for sleep. The divider wall is made of such material that it keeps the heat of sunlight store for night use. Layers of polycarbonates are used in walls for restricting the flow of heat in one direction. The insulated chamber is covered with layers of heavy insulated material which can be increased or decreased as per the situation requires.

On the trial run, it showed +15 C inside the tent, while the outside temperature was around -14 C. Structure of the tent is designed to have a lesser surface area so that lesser heat will be wasted. It is designed for high mobility for which it splits into 30-40 pieces with every piece weighs less than 30kg. The cost of developing such a tent is around Rs.5 lacs, which is more economical & convenient than the traditional containers.

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