With the end of ASEAN-India High-Level Conference on Renewable Energy (RE) there is a lot to look at. The event took place virtually from February 7-8, 2022. This was the 30th year of Partnership between India and ASEAN.

The event was jointly hosted by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and Ministry of External Affairs on the theme “Experience and Innovations for Integrated Renewables Market”.

Tun Lean, secretary of State, Ministry of Mines and Energy of Cambodia, the current chair of ASEAN. And Bhagwanth Khuba, Minister of State for New and Renewable energy and fertilizers delivered special addresses. They addressed ASEAN and India’s renewable energy plans and accomplishments. They also emphasized on the importance of continuing India-ASEAN cooperation in renewable energy transition to combat climate change.

The dignities were indulged in a discussion on the respective countries renewable energy ambitions, progress, and priority areas, and they reaffirmed their commitment to moving India-ASEAN cooperation in the sector forward.


Director-General, international Solar Alliance (ISA) briefed the present ministers of respective members on the visions and plans of the ISA and potential benefits for ASEAN member countries joining the Alliance.

R.K. Singh, Minister for Power and New & Renewable Energy delivered the keynote address and said that India and ASEAN can collaborate to develop an entire eco-system for renewables to promote knowledge, capacity building and technical assistance.

The praise was shown to ASEAN’s effort to develop a ASEAN power grid. India sees this opportunity to extend grid integration in accordance with the ‘One Sun, One World, One Grid’ initiative.

He congratulated Indonesia for taking over the presidency of G20 in 2022 and said that India will work closely with the Indonesian Presidency on facilitating as well as accelerating the global energy transition. He reaffirmed India’s commitment to working with ASEAN to build a strong relationship in the renewables sector on the foundation of ASEAN-India historical and cultural ties.

All participants acknowledged the threat posed by climate change and reiterated their intention to transition to renewables in order to build a sustainable future. The Ministers emphasized the importance of further strengthening India-ASEAN cooperation in the renewable sector and expressed hope that the conference would identify concrete areas and initiatives in this regard.

About the Conference:

The ASEAN-India High-Level Conference featured five technical sessions which facilitated peer-to-peer discussions between experts from India and ASEAN.  The sessions also offered global audiences including policymakers, academia, professionals,  and students from around the world a peek into India-ASEAN plans for taking their cooperation in renewables forward.

source: teriin.org