Renewable energy is now becoming need of the hour, so is solar power generation. India is fastly moving towards renewable sources of energy. Solar panels are getting trendy with the announcement of the government subsidy plan & 100 GW installed solar capacity target.

The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy set the benchmark costs for the solar PV system to protect the consumers from overcharging by companies. 

Benchmark Costs for year 2020-21:-

Standalone Solar Pumps (Rs. per Pump)

Pump CapacityPump TypeGeneral Category States / UTsNorth Eastern States/Hill States & Uts/ Island Uts
0.5 HPAC/DC Surface53,00058,300
AC/DC Submersible68,00074,800
1 HPAC/DC Surface92,4001,01,700
AC/DC Submersible1,03,7001,14,100
2 HPAC/DC Surface1,22,2001,34,600
AC/DC Submersible1,31,4001,44,600
3 HPAC/DC Surface1,63,2001,79,700
AC/DC Submersible1,68,3001,85,400
5 HPAC/DC/Surface/Submersible2,36,5002,60,500
7.5 HPAC/DC/Surface/Submersible3,52,5003,87,750
10 HPAC/DC/Surface/Submersible4,45,0004,45,000

Solar Lighting Systems (Rs. per System)

SystemGeneral Category States/ UtsNorth Eastern States/Hill States & Uts/ Island Uts
Solar Study Lamp395437
Solar Street Lights (with Li batteries)19,40021,340

Standalone Solar Power Plants/Packs (Rs. per Wp)

CapacityBattery Back-up(hrs)General Category States / UtsNorth Eastern States/Hill States & Uts/ Island Uts
Up to 10 kW694103
Above 10 kW & up to 25 kW68492