Solar Hydroponic farming is a new trend seen in the market but the question is, What is Solar Hydroponic Farming. But before that, we need to understand what hydroponic farming is?


Hydroponic Farming is an agriculture practice where plants and vegetables are grown without the use of soil and manure. Instead, flowing water is used to nourish plants. One of the advantages of hydroponic farming is that it can be done in any season. Also, it is an energy-efficient, eco-friendly way to grow food.

A lot of systems rely on LED lights and for an indoor system we need we need access to a window for natural sunlight or LED lights to shine on the plant.

To optimize growth and content of nutrition is very important. This can be an alternative to conventional system where the farmers have narrow land or just a yard to grow the vegetation.


Hydroponic is the best way to grow without soil, this we have already covered. Using the solar aspect, we can nourish the plants even in the night. All we need is panels, batteries, LED lights and that’s it. Someone going a level up an also add light sensor and voltage and current sensor for advancement.

During day the solar panel generated electricity that LED uses to glow inside the home, while at the night the solar power generated can be stored in battery and then using the battery, LED can be light up in the night in absence of sunlight.

The power can also be used in a DC water pump which pumps the water to nourish the plant with nutrients.

In the end it all depends on what your requirement are and how you wish to use it but we cannot deny the fact solar energy has helped us live our life better and fight climate change.