We all have been to parks, so many parks but the park we are discussing about is something else. This is one of a kind, first of itself which makes the green concept come true as reality.

We are talking about a park in Ghaziabad which is as of now India’s first solar technology park. Solar panels have been installed on everything present in the place, from the floor and swimming pool roof of the sitting bench and solar pole. The swimming pool has solar panels that generate electricity.

This explains that solar energy is better option for future. When you enter the park, you will see solar panels on the floor to generate electricity. Even trees produce electricity due to the presence of solar panels. Because of this 5 lakh units of electricity can be generated every year.

It took almost 3 years of time to build the commodity. The reason for the construction of this was the problems with electricity and to improve the environment. This park has been built on the initiative of central Electronics Limited (CEL).

Chetan Prakash Jain, CMD of CEL, said, ‘’This is the result of a new approach for us, we decided to do something different. In this park, you will see solar panels everywhere, whether it is benches, swimming pools, and even in a walking area.’’

Source: indiatoday