In June 2021, Reliance founded its new arm to deal in the clean energy sector. It was planned to invest Rs.75,000 crores in clean energy, and the series of acquisitions started.

Reliance is on its way to developing an eco-system of manufacturing solar panels to the battery banks. After the acquisition of REC Solar for the technology of solar panel manufacturing, it has moved towards the energy storage segment.

It has posed a way out of traditional power storage technologies & investing in innovative start-ups. In August 2021 Reliance New Energy Solar Ltd invested in a US-based energy storage start-up Ambri, which manufacturer of molten-salt-based batteries.

Following these instances in January 2022 RNESL acquired the Sodium-ion battery manufacturer Faradion Limited. Starting in 2011, it was the first company to commercialize the Sodium-ion battery technology.

With the advancement in technology sodium-ion batteries are not in the hotlist of research but it can be viewed as the one of the potential substitutes of both Lead-Acid & Lithium-ion technology.

Lithium prices are skyrocketed in 2021 due to various factors. In contrast to this sodium batteries do not depend upon materials like cobalt, copper & nickel. The analogous working of Sodium-ion batteries makes it more suitable for storage system.

Sodium-ion battery is not as energy-dense as Lithium-ion for now, but the researchers are looking for the ways to get a breakthrough in this. On the price side of these technologies, sodium-ion batteries are more economical than lithium-ion as per the Faradion.