Tesla is yet to roll out the cyberTruck and already we have a rival futuristic vehicle in competition.

A Chinese startup EdisonFuture showcased a new electric pickup truck concept. The concept was presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show and it looks quite like the Tesla CyberTruck.

The truck is a hybrid electric and solarTruck. It features a retractable solar cover that charges the car when it’s out during the day. The company claims the solar roof can deliver between 25 and 35 miles of range per day.

The solar cover when closed makes the EF1-T pickup truck look very much like the Tesla CyberTruck. It otherwise looks like a futuristic pickup truck. The retractable solar cover is also called the ‘Armadillo Armor’. This is very aptly named as it features a sloped shape design and the layered look of the solar panels make it look like an armadillo. The Armadillo Armor also protects whatever’s inside the 6.5-footbed of pickup truck. There are no bulletproof claims of this armour though like the Tesla CyberTruck.

The price has not been set for the truck but the company intends to launch the truck in 2025. The plan is to offer a series in the truck. The lineup includes a single-motor EF1-T Standard model, a dual-motor model EF1-TP Premium, and a tri-motor model EF1-TS Super that promises a range of up to 450 miles, and a 3000-lb payload.

EdisonFuture has a lot planned for the EF1-T but there’s still time before we see the electric and solar pickup truck. And it looks like Tesla will lead the way first with the CyberTruck expected to launch sometime next year.

Reference: businessinsider.in