India has seen a boom in EV mobility across the country over the past few years. High sales and incentives have pushed EV mobility. India is gradually becoming a viable market for electric vehicle businesses. Be it electric cars or electric scooters, people are shifting from traditional IC engine vehicles to green technology.

There is one factor that still is a roadblock in the path to becoming a Rockstar and that block is the availability of chargers. But you need not worry here are some methods that you can follow to find your nearest EV charging stations.

Google Maps

Google Maps is the best solution for your locations. All you need to search is “Electric Vehicle Charging Stations” or “EV Charging Stations” and the results are your places to go. This is probably the easiest way to find charging stations around your location in India.

Google maps

EV Plugs

EV plugs have over 1,000 listings of an EV charging station on the platform. You can find the charging station of EESL, Tata Power, Statiq, Ather and many more. You get the option to choose between 4-wheeler or 2-wheeler to find the compatible charging station.

EV Plugs App


Unlike other EV showing apps Statiq has its own infrastructure of charging station network. Over 150 charging station is under Statiq. Because of your own infrastructure, you can book and pay through the app only. The app gives you real-time data of charging stations like distance from your current location with directions, price per kW, and operating hours.

Statiq App


The automobile giant Tata has also made its way into the EV segments. To support Nexon EV and provide convenience to locate charging stations Tata Motors has launched an easy to use EV charging point aggregator website. Other than Tata Motors dealership service stations, the website lists chargers from EESL, Ather, Tata Power CCS2 & slow chargers, Zeon chargers, and Statiq chargers. However, you won’t see the real-time status of these stations here.

TATA Motors


If you are someone who extensively relies on the Tata Power EV charging network to charge your electric vehicles in India, you should consider installing the Tata Power EZ Charge app. It offers you all the essential details, including the distance, operating hours, real-time status, and available connectors and connector types. Since it is dedicated to Tata’s charging network, you can also use the app to pay for your charging sessions with ease.

TATA Power EZ Charger