Chinese inverter manufacturer Sungrow has completed the construction of a 600-kW floating Array. The floating array is located in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The solar plant built will be powering the Vinhomes Ocean Park. It is a complex comprising a residential area and park. It is built on the city outskirts.

The array was built by Sungrow itself. The PV modules used in the plant are 182 mm with a power output of 540W each. The project offers an attractive landscape alongside powering parks and the local community.

Before this Sungrow has already deployed a floating PV of 125 MW capacity in Vietnam. At the end of 2020, two large scale floating PV power plants, totalling 70 MW, were grid-connected in the country. The two facilities, each of which has a capacity of 35 MW, were deployed on the Gia Hoet 1 and Tam Bo irrigation lakes, in the commune of Quang Thanh, located in the district of Chau Duc.

Both projects were likely developed under Vietnam’s FIT scheme for solar.