The government of India has taken various steps in order to promote wind energy. The wind sector needs to be strong and get a good grip on the same.

In the year 2020-21 Indian wind market witnessed spurring growth. The average turbine capacity from 1140 kW in the year 2011-12 was increased to 2223 kW in the year 2020-21. This resulted in higher capacity utilization factor and better usage of resources.

The dependency on renewable energy is good for India looking at the fact that India has an ambitious target to achieve. The target of 500GW has been set to achieve by 2030.

2022 can be a golden year so that country continues to make great strides in harnessing wind energy.

Following are the Points to ponder:

  • The government has permitted Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) up to 100 per cent under the automatic route.
  • Waiver of Inter State Transmission System (ISTS) charges for inter-state sale of solar and wind power for projects to be commissioned by 30th June 2025.
  • Setting up of Ultra Mega Renewable Energy Parks to provide land and transmission. This enables Renewable Energy developers on a plug and play basis.
  • Laying of new transmission lines and creating new sub-station capacity for evacuation of renewable power.
  • Conducting skill development programmes to create a pool of skilled manpower for implementation, operation and maintenance of RE projects.

Source: twitter