Gujarat is on the top of the list of sanctioned capacities under the government solar park scheme. Gujarat alone accounts for 38% i.e. 37,771MW capacity approved for different states.

This rank has been achieved after government of India had sanctioned a total of 14,375 MW solar capacity to Gujarat solar park scheme. This is being sanctioned under the scheme for “Development of Solar Parks and Ultra-Mega Solar Power Projects.”

Project wise capacity in Gujarat are as follows: Dholera Solar Park (Phase-I) 1,000 MW, Dholera Solar Park (Phase-II) 4,000 MW, GIPCL RE Park (600 MW), GSECL RE Park (3,325 MW), NTPC RE Park (4,750 MW), and Radhnesada Solar Park (700 MW).

Following Gujarat are Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh with 6,000, 4,276, 4000 and 3,805 MW capacities respectively. The overall approved solar park capacity for different States also includes floating solar capacities of 600 MW in Madhya Pradesh, 150 MW in Jharkhand, 100 MW in Odisha, and 50 MW in Kerala.

The timeline for completion of solar parks in all States under the scheme for “Development of Solar Parks and Ultra Mega Solar Power Projects” is March 2024.

Reference: PV Magazine