From January to November 2021 India has added 11.1 Gigawatt (GW) of solar capacity. This number was 249 percent higher compared to the installations done in 2020. The data was taken from JMK Research & Analytics report, November 2021 edition.

In terms of cumulative installations, the renewable energy (RE) installed capacity has reached to 104 GW.

Solar energy constitutes 47 per cent of the total RE power segment. With this number solar energy is the largest contributor. It is followed by wind energy with 38 per cent, bio-power with 10 per cent and small hydro with 5 per cent.

During the January to November 2021 period, about 7 Gigawatt of utility-scale solar was added. Rajasthan added the highest utility-scale solar capacity of about 3,615 MW, followed by Gujarat with 1,538 MW, and Uttar Pradesh with 674 MW.

Separately in rooftop segment, 2,605 MW of new capacity was added during the January to November 2021. Gujarat claimed the top spot with capacity 660 MW constituting 25 per cent of total rooftop installations during analysis period.

Following Gujarat, with 597 MW Maharashtra stood next and in the list Haryana was with 266 MW and Rajasthan with 225 MW.