After Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) granted a 5% tax rebate on buildings with an effective rainwater harvesting system and/or solar water heating system, additional facilities were added for profit.

However, Bharatiya Janata Party member Saraswati Shedge asked the local taxman how many citizens have claimed a rebate for installing solar panels. In a written reply, Vilas Kandae, head of the property tax department, PMC, said, “The number of properties is increasing every year. In the last financial year, a total of 15,045 buildings received a 5% discount. This has increased from the 2019-2020 financial year when there were only 13,389 buildings”.

According to local tax officials, a 10 percent rebate on local taxes is imposed on residents by installing a rainwater harvesting system, solar water heating system, and waste management system. Citizens are offered a 5% discount on solar panels only. The discount is only available if these programs are valid. After reviewing all documents, including photos of the solar system and a copy of the bill, a discount is offered for the current financial year. This facility is only available in residential areas.

Source: Hindustan Times