Amara Raja Batteries Ltd (ARBL) widely known as Amaron in India is planning to set up a 50MW solar power plant in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh at a total outlay of Rs.220 crore. “This will further reduce the cost of power and simultaneously bring down the company’s carbon footprint,” the company said in a statement.

Amara Raja Batteries also would set up a greenfield lead recycling unit with a capacity of 1 lakh tonnes, according to the source. “This will help the company comply with recycling standards while adopting advanced technology in the most environmentally friendly manner. The total capital outlay for this project is expected to be ₹280 crores over the next 18 months,” the company said in a statement.

Company has posted a 20% rise in profit before tax in the 3rd quarter. Revenue of the company has risen to Rs 1960.12 crore in this December quarter from Rs1747.81 crore a year ago.

Amara Raja Batteries is one of the largest & one of the most popular brands for lead-acid batteries. It has taken steps for the solar industry & lead the recycling unit after the announcement of the PLI scheme & government initiatives for promoting domestic manufacturing. The CEO of ARBL has also emphasized the importance of reducing carbon footprints & the company is concerned about the environment.

Source:- Livemint