Solar panels have taken the world by storm over the last few years. An increasing number of residential property owners are switching to solar panels for home. And their popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon because every day, several prospective buyers bomb the solar experts with various questions related to solar panels for home. We, therefore, decided to come up with this post that discusses some of the most frequently asked questions asked about solar panels for home. Let’s take a look.

1.    What are the benefits of installing solar panels for home?

Installing solar panels has both economic as well as environmental benefits. Some of the key benefits of installing solar panels for home are as follows.

  • Solar panels help reduce dependency on fossil fuel-based power plants which in turn helps reduce the carbon footprint. This also helps reduce the impact of other environmental woes such as global warming and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Solar panels for home helps make substantial savings on energy bills. The best part is that those who have solar panel systems installed on their property, do not have to worry about the increasing energy prices.
  • Solar panels also help reduce the dependence on local grid for energy needs. They are ideal for areas where there are long and frequent power cuts or areas where there are no local grids nearby.

2.    How do solar panels for homework?

As you would know, solar panels harness the Sun’s energy to produce electricity. They are made of photovoltaic (PV) cells sandwiched between layers of semi-conducting materials such as silicon. When the sunlight falls on the panels the PV cells get charged and an electric field is created. And the electrons that get knocked off the atom start to move in a particular direction thereby generating direct current (DC). The direct current is then passed to the solar inverter that converts it into AC before supplying it to the home electrical appliances.

3.    What are the different types of solar panel systems?

There are two main types of solar panel systems that you would mostly hear of – On-Grid (or Grid-Tied) solar power system and Off-Grid solar power system. While the former is connected to the local grid, the latter has no connection to the grid. As On-Grid solar power systems are connected to the local grid, they rely on the grid for power supply during the nighttime or during the days when the solar panels produce less energy than what’s required. And on days when the On-Grid solar power systems produce excess energy, the surplus gets passed to the local grid through a system known as Net Metering System. The surplus units transferred to the grid get offset later in the monthly bill. Off-Grid solar systems, on the other hand, have no connection to the grid and they rely on solar batteries for storing surplus energy produced by the solar panels and for using the stored energy when there’s a power deficit.

4.    Do solar panels work on cloudy days and during the night?

Yes, solar panels do work on cloudy days, but their efficiency drops considerably because of shading issues due to the presence of clouds. In some cases, the efficiency may drop to 50%. One of the ways to generate more power on cloudy days is to opt for solar panels with a higher efficiency. Talking about nighttime, well, solar panels as we know need sun rays to produce electricity and so solar panels do not function during the nighttime.

5.    How to clean solar panels?

Usually, solar panels don’t need much cleaning if they are in an area that receives a decent amount of rainfall. That’s because the dirt, dust, bird droppings and other elements that get accumulated on a solar panel easily get washed away during the rain. All you need to do is go for a yearly maintenance by experts and wash them once in every few months, using a hose pipe and soap solution, to get rid of the excess bird droppings.

Have a question?

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