Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has decided to prepare a list of eligible models and manufacturers of Solar PV Cells and Modules that consent to the BIS standards and name the list as “Approved List of Models and Manufacturers”. Moreover, only the models and manufacturers that will come under this list will be qualified for use in government/ government-assisted projects/ projects under government schemes and programmes. This shall also be followed by the projects that are set up for the sale of electricity to the government under the guidelines issued by the central government under section63of the Electricity Act,2003. The word “government” shall consist of Central Government, State Government.

The ALMM order will be applicable only for the projects for which bids are issued after one month of publication of the list.

The bidding agencies shall take a definitive declaration from the bidders about their awareness regarding bidding provisions of ALMM order and the list while sharing their quotation of tariff regarding that particular bid.

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The inspection fee for manufacturing capacity up to 50MW has now been revised to Rs2.5 Lakh from existing Rs 5 Lakhs. The following table enlists the revised inspection fee based on parameters like location of manufacturing site and installed capacity-

Location of manufacturing
Installed Capacity (MW)Inspection Fee (Rs)
For units situated in SAARC Upto 50MW2.5 Lakhs
More than 50MW and upto 100MW5 Lakhs
More than 100MW and upto 250MW10 Lakhs
More than 250MW15 Lakhs
For Units situated in Non-SAARC countriesFor all capacities30 Lakhs