Worried about the overmounting utility bill on account of the use of electric appliances, citizens of Sangam city including owners of big showrooms, farmhouses, community halls, and marriage pandals are quickly switching toward solar electric power systems in an attempt to reduce electricity charges.

Agencies taking up the installation of solar power systems in Sangam city claimed that the absence of business during the first and second lockdown and business fraternity particularly owners of big showrooms, community halls, and marriage pandals owners who could not be able to earn profits due to hardly any customers showing up during the relaxations, were more enthusiastic to install both battery-based solar power system and on-grid solar power systems.

Rahul Khare, director of a firm installing solar power energy systems, told TOI that there has been a rise of 40 per cent in customers seeking installation of the solar power system to help reduce their electricity bills soon after the first lockdown.

“There are two types of solar systems including off-grid (battery-based) solar system with back up and saving and on-grid solar system (without battery system) which are in high demand in the city,” Khare said.

Khare said that people of the city are increasingly switching to an on-grid solar system as they only want to reduce their electricity bills. For them, no backup was required. But in rural areas, people prefer an off-grid system where a backup is needed.

“The demand for solar power systems started gaining popularity after the first lockdown when the business community found it difficult to cope up with rising electricity bills at their residences as well as paying unwanted electric bills of their commercial sites or shops or showrooms,” he added.

In the past two years, the demand for solar power electric system has also increased in the semi-urban and rural areas and users often turn to it to eliminate their electricity bills.

Sandeep Bhargava, a city-based businessman said, “Solar electric energy system is a clean energy initiative and we can cut down our electricity bills to a major extent. “We can utilize our roof as solar roof setups are already installed,” he added.

Agencies involved in the installation of solar electric power systems claimed that industrial units could also cut their electricity bills in a range between 30 percent and 60 percent by replacing the grid power supply with renewable energy.

Source: TOI