One of the hottest place in India has witnessed to efficiently use the Solar Power for educational purposes. Children are studying in the heart of the Thar Desert in Jaisalmer.

Its architectural design is globally appreciated for design & power efficient methods for access to energy. Started in 2014 by Diana Kellog this piece of art was completed in 2019 by local workers.


The founder of CITTA, Michael Daube, hired US-based architect Diana Kellogg to design the school. Diana traveled to the state in 2014 and built the school by only incorporating ideas from the Indian culture. She gave the school an oval shape after observing that many households in Rajasthan had a courtyard in between the house.

The design team followed the local ancient water harvesting techniques to maximize the rainwater and recycle gray water in the school. While the building is oriented to maximize the prevailing wind and keep maximum sunlight out, the team also employed solar panels for the lighting and fans in the building. A solar canopy on the roof with a metal framework doubles as a jungle gym with seesaws, swings and monkey bars for the girls.


Both the solar panel canopy and Jallis keep the heat out and the elliptical shape of the structure also helps bring aspects of sustainability, creating a cooling panel of airflow, in addition to passive solar cooling where temperatures peak close to 120 degrees.  At the GYAAN Center, the wall allows air to flow through the building and keep the sun and sand out. A central structure weaves together The Rajkumari Ratnavati Girl’s School and The Women’s Cooperative, representing a blending of generations.

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