Solar power maker Gautam Solar has announced that it has doubled its capacity to produce panels from 120 Megawatt (MW) to 250 MW at its Haridwar facility.

“This increase in production has made Gautam solar the third-largest producer of solar energy in North India,” the company said in a statement, adding that it was important to increase domestic production and reduce imports from countries such as China.

High domestic production capacity will help reduce dependence on foreign solar producers and India could also enter the global solar market which will provide energy to the rest of the country, the company said.

“The Production Linked Incentive (PLI) project in India is also working on the same goal as it is expected to increase 10,000 MW of integrated PV solar power generation and bring direct costs of about Rs 17,200,” the company said.

Commenting on the development, Gautam Mohanka, Managing Director, Gautam Solar said: “We have been seeing a steady increase in the demand for our solar panels for a while now, which is why the increase in energy is very important.” He also added that the company will increase production capacity at other facilities, again, soon. Prior to announcing the new PLI plan, the government had announced its decision to impose a 40 percent basic tax on solar modules and 25 percent on solar cells starting April 1, 2022, in a way that would make importation more expensive and promote local production.

Source: Economic Times