Google’s new Bay view campus located about 40miles south of San Francisco is set to work on solar power. Its rooftop is made up of “Solar Skin” roof name “dragonscale”, it will generate 7MW of renewable energy for the operations.

The rooftop is made up of solar tiles piled up in a way to give an elegant feel of dragon.

With its pledge to become carbon free, Google is attempting a bold feat. The goal is a steep one, especially since it’s not only responsible for the output of its campuses, but massive data centers housing its servers. It’s worth noting that Google’s plan does not account for the company’s scope 3 emissions – emissions that tie back to the company, but that the company may not control. These include the manufacturing, production materials, and transport of Chromebooks and Pixel, according to Grist. Though this isn’t foul play, it’s a shortcoming of the net-zero metric and applies to companies across the board.

The ‘dragonscale’ will generate almost 7 megawatts of energy, comprising 40% of the campus’ electricity needs

Source: The Gaurdian