A French startup Wind my Roof has introduced a new Hybrid wind-solar system which is in testing mode in Paris.

The hybrid wind-solar system has a 1,500W wind turbine and two 600W solar panel modules installed. The company believes the pairing is done in such a way that it optimizes the use of space on the roof while maintaining a good level of production all year round.

The hybrid setup can produce 800kWh photovoltaic energy and 2,000 kWh of wind energy over a year. The additional benefit is that both solar and wind are integrated into the same inverter and the same battery which results in lower cost and save money.

Construction-wise, the system requires a rooftop area of only 4m2 and the dimensions are 2.1×1.6×2(meters). It can be tested under extreme climatic conditions and it weighs 300 kg. The system can withstand wind speed up to 180 km/hour. It is equipped with anti-vibration, fixing systems and a hull that makes it silent.

On the edge of the roof, the WindBox can recover horizontal and vertical winds, said the company. This also offers good exposure to the sun, while optimizing a rarely used area and leaving space available for traditional solutions, such as more rooftop PV.

The company has installed a prototype on a building in La Défense, in Paris.

“The energy transition is an essential sector of diversification for our group. This is the challenge for the future that we wish to address,” said Segula Technologies Technical Director Nicolas Fraisse. “Thanks to our HeXplora startup support platform, we were able to support Wind my Roof in the first stages of their production to assemble the first eight WindBox prototypes.”