The Swedish home appliance retailer IKEA said on Thursday it will launch a program of this year in India, Poland, and China, to help the dealer to switch to 100% renewable energy. This is the company’s investment initiative, the company would invest and support nearly 1,600 direct suppliers, IKEA said in a statement.

IKEA is working on 100% renewable energy, with the help of everyone in the supply chain.

By moving to renewable energy sources, such providers will have to save to 670,000 tons of waste per year, which is an increase of 3 per cent, of the total of the climate, and the cost of the footprint of IKEA’s creation chain, ” he added.

“This program has been commissioned in 2021, suppliers, Poland, China, and India, which represent the three major buyer countries, IKEA, then in a progressively global freedom,” the report said.

“The company has about 50 of suppliers are India, is one of the largest customers of the countries.

“India is one of IKEA’s top buyer countries, and we are very happy to have this software in this market,” said Henryk Elm, a Global Supply Manager at Inter IKEA group of companies.

The program supports of IKEA’s long-term commitment to being environmentally friendly, in the form of a reduction in the emissions of greenhouse gases by the year 2030, the original value of the internet, and during the growth phase.

“We are looking for a long-term financial investment opportunities and the support of our vendors, and have a positive impact on people and the planet. By working together, you can make renewable energy more affordable and convenient,” he added.

IKEA’s head of purchasing for the countries of South Asia, was the Martinaitis, said that through this initiative, in partnership with the advertising opportunities, IKEA, and it will help you to save valuable resources and reduce our impact on the environment.

“We have been in the 50’s direct suppliers, with more than 4,000,000 of the Indian employees working in the supply chain,” he said.

IKEA, the seller, are not currently able to generate all of its electricity from renewable energy sources is on the spot, most of them still need to have access to the internet.

As part of this programme, a product life cycle will be fully provide assistance to the providers of producing renewable energy locally, and to make it possible for them to get to the rest of the electrical network.

IKEA is currently 51 per cent share of renewable energy in its stores, offices, warehouses, factories, and other businesses.

“The goal is to achieve 100% electricity from renewable energy sources by the year 2025, and 2030, in order to ensure that all of the other energy, like heat and cold, is also a renewable,” it says right here.

IKEA’s India, as a part of the Local Group, Group opened its first store in Hyderabad in August 2018 and in its other stores, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, in December of 2020.

Source: Economic Times