Mr. Akshay Doble aka Gopal Ji, from Nagpur runs his dhup agarbatti’s electric mobile shop. There was no parking space near his house so he use to park his electric mobile shop 10 km away from his house. To solve electricity problem in his electric mobile shop he decided to use inverter battery, but a major problem comes when he has to carry inverter battery from his shop to home and home to shop, which was heavy and risky task.

After a few days of trouble, he decided to set-up a solar panel over his car shop. According to the load demand of his shop, he bought a 180watt solar panel, MPPT Charge Controller with Installation Kit, which he got at an affordable price of Rs15,000/-.

His wise choice of innovation made the mobile shop a point of attraction for others as well. With the increased flow of inquiry about the installation, he found a new business opportunity. Mr. Doble is an electrical engineer by qualification, to help others with similar power problems he signed himself as a dealer with the solar panel manufacturing company Loom Solar.

Now, Gopal Ji helping other vendors in Nagpur to get such kinds of power solutions as well. This journey indicates the turning point of life for a businessman. Lack of awareness for use of solar power creates a hurdle for development, but people like Gopal Ji jumps over such hurdles with innovation.