A step closer to becoming self-sufficient in meeting its energy needs, Kochi Metro Rail Ltd (KMRL) commissioned its new solar plant at its Mutton depot on Friday.

KMRL managing director Loknath Behera inaugurated the 824.1 Kilowatt peak (KWp) plant.

According to KMRL authorities, with the opening of the new power plant, which has panels installed over 8,400 sq m area, KMRL will be able to generate about 3,000 units of energy per day from the Muttom plant alone.

With the addition of this plant, KMRL is able to meet 42% of its total power requirements by itself, officials claim. KMRL is also planning to produce an additional two Megawatt peak (MWp) power by setting up solar panels in Muttom track area and nearby land area this year.

“KMRL intends to develop use of solar energy in an inclusive manner to ensure its maximum usage from the available solar potential in this region considering the fact that the services of Metro operation are solely dependent on electrical power,” said Behera said.

With the commissioning of the plant at Muttom, KMRL is producing approximately 30,000 units of solar energy per day. In 2019, KMRL had installed and commissioned a ground-mounted solar of 2.719 MWp near Muttom depot and thus attained 40% neutrality to its daily electrical power consumption.

“Presently, a three MWp solar project is under construction and it is likely to be commissioned by the end of April 2022. The total solar power plant commissioned as on date stands at 8.1 MWp. By commissioning of the remaining 3.1 MWp and with some new additional locations, KMRL will have a total of 11.2 MWp solar plant by the end of April 2022. These green energy initiative by commissioning of 11MWp solar plant contributes to improvement of the environmental conditions by reducing carbon emission by about 3,53,625 tonnes annually, which is also equivalent to planting of 5,65,800 teak trees over the life time of the project,” a press not issued by KMRL says.

Source: TOI