NLC India Limited has invited bids for local retailers, purchasing, and construction (EPC) bids to build solar panels projects developed by NLC India and Coal Lignite Urja Vikas Private Limited (CLUVPL). CLUVPL is a joint venture of NLC India and Coal India Limited (CIL).

The successful buyer must provide full operation and maintenance of the project and a three-year transfer plan from the date of completion of the trial.

Scope of work includes construction, engineering, production, procurement, packaging, transfer, transportation, installation, testing, and shipment of ground-based PV solar projects with home content (DCR) and non-DCR solar solar modules and cells. The closing date for bids is February 25, 2021. Bids will be opened on the same day.

To participate in the competitive process, the buyer must have entered into contracts for the supply, installation, and authorization of solar power projects connected to an installed grid of 30 MW or more in the last seven years. At a capacity of 30 MW, a single project of 10 MW or more should have been operational for at least six months from the date of opening bids.

The buyer in the last ten years should have done at least one project worth ₹ 350 Cr., or two projects worth ₹ 220 Cr. each, or three projects of ₹ 175 Cr. each cost and projects should have been operational for at least one year on the opening day of bids.

The buyer must also enter into a contract to supply, suspend, and transmit at least one 33 kV power station or more to the power circuit brakes, HT cables, and power converter, either as an engineer or an EPC contractor. The channel must have been active for at least one year from the date of the opening of the bid.

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By taking a capacity of 100 MW, the total annual revenue or the combined annual value of the consumer and consortium partners should not be less than ₹ 105 Cr. for three consecutive financial years.

Tender tenderers from countries bordering India and registered with the competent authorities will be able to participate in the tender.

In December last year, NLC India invited bids to launch a solar power project connected to a 10 MW grid at the Nevel hot station under EPC mode. The work involved involves the construction, engineering, manufacturing, delivery, installation, and commissioning of the project in Nevel.

In its 2019-20 annual report, NLC India said it had sent 1,421 MW of renewable projects during the year. With the deployment of a 709 MW solar project in Tamil Nadu, NLC became the first public enterprise generating more than 1 GW solar project.