The Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) Tuesday issued a notification reducing the power tariff of domestic consumers with a load of 7 KW by Rs 3 per unit with effect from November 1. Nearly 70 lakh domestic consumers will benefit from the move that will cost the exchequer Rs 3,200 crore annually.

In a statement, A Venu Prasad, CMD PSPCL said for up to 100 units of consumption (up to 2KW), the power tariff will be Rs 1.19 per unit, while it will be Rs 1.49 per unit for (2 KW and Upto 7 KW). For consumption between 101-300 units, the tariff will be Rs 4.01 and for above 300 units, it will be Rs 5.76 per unit.

The CMD said that PSPCL has waived off power bills amounting to Rs 1500 crore of about 53 lakh domestic consumers with load up to 2 KW. He said that for the expansion of the industry, the fixed tariff charges of medium-scale consumers with a load (above 20 KVA up to 100 KVA) have been revised to Rs 60 per KVA from Rs 120 per KVA with effect from November 1. This has provided relief of about Rs 42 crore to around 32,500 medium-scale industrial consumers in the state, he added.

Source: Indian Express