Under the norms prescribed for the issue of Completion Certificate for obtaining Power Supply, Water & Sewerage connections for High Rise buildings (HRB) / Non-high Rise Buildings (NHRB / Public Buildings installation of Solar Energy System is insisted upon (SerialNo.22) wherein,

” 1/3rd area of total terrace area to be reserved for erecting Solar Photo Voltaic Panels. The approximate space required for erecting Solar Photo Voltaic Panel is 10 sq.m. for generating 1 K.W. of electricity for HRBS, NHRBS and Public Buildings.”

The occupants/owners of the buildings are hereby instructed to ensure the provision of the Solar Energy System on their rooftop as per the Planning Permission issued without fail.

The Enforcement Cell of CMDA will inspect the premises of such buildings to check whether Solar Voltaic Panel System has been installed and effectively `used to generate power supply for their own use or to a grid.

Any violation in non-provision of Solar Voltaic Panel system in HRB / NHRB as well as public buildings will be viewed seriously and enforcement action will be taken in this regard under Section 56 & 57 of Tamilnadu Town & Country Planning Act 1971.

Source: CMDA Notice