Jaipur:- MSMEs in Rajasthan on Thursday staged protests against suggestions by the Rajasthan power regulator framework that raised risks of crippling the rooftop industry.

Promoters of over 50 units, including some from other districts of the state, staged protests in front of RERC office and submitted a memorandum to delay the process of finalizing the draft guidelines and withdraw the draconian measures.

They also met with Energy Minister B D Kalla to stop the process and review the provision.

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The draft proposals seek to deprive solar roof manufacturers and investors of the benefits of low-cost renewable energy. When applied, the rules may dissolve most of the solar energy on the roof except for home buyers.

“The outstanding 40,000MW production targets from the solar roof set by the Center and the same state-of-the-art target have attracted many MSMEs in the sector. They have invested in people, processes and assets to meet growing demand. But with these processes still underway, it is difficult for MSMEs to survive, ”said a member of the Rajasthan Solar Association.

In fact, the draft regulations propose the removal of energy developers outside of home consumers at the meter level. Depending on the proposals, the institutional projects cannot use the renewable energy they generate in roof systems. They will have to pay the normal price for discos for the energy they use and will be paid for the energy they create. The proposed prices for power discos will not exceed Rs 2.50 per unit today.
The regulator’s argument was that if people switched to solar power, discoms would lose high value customers and their extended financial status would continue to deteriorate. But MSMEs in the solar sector say that instead of killing the renewable industry, discos should focus on reducing the high loss of transmission and distribution
“Even if they kill part of the roof, their financial situation will not improve if they do not reduce their losses,” the RSA member said.

Source:- TOI