Demonstrating the world-famous Sun Temple Modera in the Mesana region, the Gujarat government is ready to launch the first 6 MW power project in the country where 24X7 solar power will be provided. Work on the project is likely to be completed by July 15 and is likely to be opened by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“It was the vision of Prime Minister Modi to showcase the solar power project and the Sun Temple in Modhera. Subsequently, the project was considered to be the provision of 24X7 solar power in the village of Modhera and the solar temple which is a protected area for archeology. The unique part of the project is that it will provide 24X7 solar power in the village and temple using South Korean technology, ”said the Department of Energy’s chief executive officer.

“The cost of the project is Rs 69 crore with a donation from the central government and the Gujarat government,” the official said.

The entire project was awarded to a private company after the tender floated on condition of ten years.

“Typically, in solar power projects, the electricity generated is transferred to the grid without storing it. In this project, we face the challenge of conserving solar energy. And so plans are being made for a 6 MW solar power plant on 12 hectares of land in the Sujanpura valley 3 km from Modhera. The 6 MW solar power plant will be connected to the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) for solar energy storage, ”said the official.

It is in this BESS that the Modhera district will be given solar power during the night and when there is no sunlight.

In addition to the 6 MW solar power plant connected to BESS, solar roof systems will be installed in 271 residential buildings in the Modhera area. Of the total 1600 households in the Modhera district, 271 have approved the installation of a solar system on the roofs of their residences.

“The energy generated from the solar panel will be used first by residential structures and then more energy will be released into the energy grid,” the official said.

The project is regarded as a project that demonstrates the day-to-day empowerment of rural communities.

The project faces challenges such as solar energy conservation and real-time management at low energy levels.

Modhera Sun Temple is protected by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and according to officials from the Department of Energy, ASI is part of the project.

Source: Indian Express