To overcome the shortage of electricity in active kitchens in the Ghazipur border area, protesters on Sunday installed a 5KW solar panel.          

Protesters say the solar panel will help them maintain the use of refrigerators, rooting machines, and fans inside kitchens. The decision was made after they failed to get help from local authorities, they said.

“We have decided to switch to solar power as it is a clean energy source. Diesel-powered power generators can be a way, but not a permanent solution because they will create pollution, ”said Boopinder Singh, a protester.

The solar panel was opened by farmer leader Rakesh Tikait. “We have put it under a ‘home, electricity’ program. In the future, we will install more solar panels in the Ghazipur protest area to meet the demand for power. The panel is placed on a rotating table to ensure maximum sun exposure, “said Mr. Tikait, adding that” failure to repeal farm rules would be a major mistake for this government “.

One protester said they had built a lot of grass to keep the roofs of their tents cool. They will also spray water on it in case of extreme heat. “We are continuing to make changes where there are protests to keep the protesters safe because this war is going to be big and they have to be prepared in any situation. We all built such houses in our villages. All farmers are skilled at making chappar [grass] and know how to build it to get fresh air, ”says Vinod Chaudhary, a farmer.

Farmers will gather and burn copies of farm rules as part of the ‘Holika Dahan’ celebrations on Sunday. “We have invited security guards stationed at the Ghazipur border to celebrate Holi with us,” said Ambrish Singh, one of the protesters.

Source: The Hindu