The territorial administration has proposed to generate 30 megawatt of solar power in the next two years, Home Minister A. Namassivayam said here on Tuesday. He was talking to reporters after inaugurating solar power projects with government subsidy.

Mr. Namassivayam, who also holds the Electricity portfolio, said a 1 KW plant could produce 135 units of solar power in a month. A person is required to have 100 sq ft of shadeless rooftop to establish a 1 KW solar power plant, he said.

A rough calculation by the department revealed that a person could save at least ₹300 per month on electricity bills by having 1 KW plant at home. Urging the people to turn towards renewable energy, the Home Minister said the expenditure involved in setting up a 1KW to 3 KW capacity plant would be around ₹33,900.

Of the capital cost incurred, the Centre would provide 40% as subsidy, he added.

With proper maintenance, the plants would have a lifespan of around 20 years. Solar plants could help save money and reduce electricity requirements, he added.

Source: The Hindu