While Chandrapur Super Thermal Power Station (CSTPS) is in the limelight for pollution, the company has initiated major steps in the direction of solar power generation to mitigate its carbon footprint. Three solar power projects with a total generation capacity of 300 MW are all set to come up in the CSTPS area in the coming days.

CSTPS is focussing on mitigation of carbon emission along with measures to check emissions. The company has initiated the process to build two solar parks in its plant area having a generation capacity of 145MW and 105MW. While the 145 MW project is going to be erected at Kachrala, the other one will be a state-of-art 105 MW floating solar power project in the backwaters of Irai dam, said chief engineer, CSTPS, Pankaj Sapate.

He informed that the 105MW solar project will be the first of its kind floating solar project in the state. The project will be built with help of floating solar panels at a cost of Rs580 crore in the backwater of the Irai dam built by the company. Irai dam backwater is spread over 7150.77 hectares area and the solar panels will cover an area of 427 acre. While floating solar panels will be an eye-catching sight, it will also help reduce evaporation losses from the reservoir in summer, apart from mitigating carbon emission, Sapate said.

He informed that the solar project at Kachrala is coming up on 267.19-hectare land at a cost of Rs569 crore. The land for the project was acquired at the time of commissioning of CSTPS. Currently, the land is fallow and hence it has been allocated for building solar power project. Solar panels with crystalline technology will be used for the project. It would be the biggest solar power plant in the state on completion, Sapate said.

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He informed that yet another solar project with 50MW capacity is proposed on 200 acres of unused land of CSTPS behind Rashtrawadi Nagar on the outskirts of the city. This project is in the pipeline and the company is yet to receive a feasibility report, Sapate said. CSTPS already has 5MW solar power project built a few years back in its area.

Technical expert in CSTPS, Vijay Yeul informed that generation of 1MW of power in coal fired plant emits 0.9 metric tonnes (MT) carbon dioxide. Hence, erection of 300 MW solar projects will mitigate around 270 MT of CO2 per day. Total mitigation of CO2 every year will be 98,550 MT from three solar parks with collective generation capacity of 300MW, he explained.

Yeul further informed that generation of 300 MW power in coal fired power plant requires 3,500MT of precious natural reserve of coal per day. The solar power projects will save 12,77,500 MT of coal every year.

Source: TOI