To prevent crop damage, the Himachal Pradesh government is using Mukhya Mantri Khet Sanrakshan Yojana. Under the program, 4,669.20 hectares were protected by installing solar panels, officials said on Sunday.

An estimated Rs.175.38 crore has been spent under this program which has benefited 5,535 farmers. According to the government, the plant in many areas has been attacked by extinct wildlife.

Under this program, the national government provides assistance to farmers to install solar panels. 80% subsidy for solar filing for individual level and 85% subsidy for community level.

Solar fences help keep monkeys away. As per the requirement, the state has provided a 50 percent subsidy for barbed wire and fencing chains and a 70 percent subsidy for integrated fencing.

Officials told IANS that the increase in beneficiaries in the program was recorded over the past few years. The provision of barbed wire and solar fencing has been shown to be beneficial in protecting the crop.

Source: Economic Times