The Andhra Pradesh government invited bidders for a tender which was rolled out in December 2020 to provide the state with a solar power capacity of 6,400 MW (Mega Watts). The lowest bid was offered by the Adani-group, Torrent Power, and state run NTPC. Well, among all the lowest bid which the Andhra government has received is Rs2.47/unit which was quoted by Torrent Power for a 300 megawatt (MW) solar project. The Adani- group being the leader in the bid is offering rates for 3,000MW. If we talk about history then the lowest bid which was received in solar auction up till now was Rs1.99/unit quoted against a collection of Gujarat projects in December itself.

As per resources, the following bidders have quoted for different segments of solar projects-

  • NTPC quoted for the solar capacity of 600MW.
  • Torrent Power quoted for the solar capacity of 300MW.
  • HES Infra-Red quoted for the solar capacity of 300MW.
  • Shirdi Sai Electricals offered the lowest bid for the solar capacity of 2200MW.

The tariff range was between Rs2.47/unit to Rs2.58/unit.

The state had received a robust response for the tender, with all bids received adding up to 14,900 MW. The solar plants are required to be set up in different districts of the state named Kurnool, Ananthapuramu, Prakasam, and Kadapa. The state government had earlier started building a 1,000 MW solar park in Kadapa, through a joint venture with the Centre, but has not allotted lands or awarded contracts for work on the ground. 

To revise “abnormal pricing” the state government has formed a committee named “Wind and solar power purchase agreements (PPAs) in July 2019.The HC of Andhra Pradesh has ordered the discoms to pay more than 7,500 MW of wind and solar plants at a rate of Rs 2.43 /unit against the Rs 4.84 /unit tariff they were receiving earlier until all the legal disputes are resolved.

Adani Green Energy Ltd (AGEL) becomes the champion of the bid by winning five megaprojects of 600 megawatt (MW) each by quoting tariff which ranges from Rs2.49 to Rs2.58 per unit. The bid was held by Andhra Pradesh Green Energy Cooperation Ltd (APGEC) awarding 6.4GW of mega solar projects. While state-run NTPC Ltd won 600 megawatt (MW) after quoting the lowest tariff of Rs2.48 per kWh(unit).