News on day 5 covered the protestors in the streets more than the delegates and the representatives trying to negotiate with each other and concluding a plan to work on and save the world.

America came up with a plan to make carbon capture cheaper. US secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm announces the goal to dramatically reduce the cost of removing carbon from the atmosphere. The goal is to reduce the current cost of $2,000 per ton to $100 per ton of carbon by 2030.

Several scientists and professors came up with their assessments on global warming. Mark Maslin, a professor of earth sciences at University College London slammed the promises made by the representatives and the government. He said. “This is irresponsible because this is only true if all the country pledges are met and their policies are 100% effective – which they never are”.

But the main highlight of the day was the young activists headlining the event. Greta Thunberg called the summit a global north greenwash festival. Young Filipino climate advocate Jan Karmel Guillermo was also seen and she showed her concern hoe crucial the moment is to reverse the climate crisis.

Where is India?

Most of the big commitments were made by India on the first 3 days of the summit. A lot of people are sceptical about the promise of net zero by 2070 made by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The announcement has left the people in a split where one half is sceptical on the promise claiming it is way difficult to achieve while others appreciated the effort made by the Indian government.