The Ministry of Finance has notified the recovery of a countervailing duty on cost, insurance, and freight (CIF) prices on imports of textured and tempered (whether coated or uncoated) glass from Malaysia.

The countervailing duty will be applied for five years (unless canceled) from the date of publication in the official gazette imposed under this notification and payable in Indian currency.

In December 2020, the Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR) announced that it would impose a countervailing duty on tempered glass from Malaysia to reduce the benefits enjoyed by glass manufacturers in Malaysia.

The India Solar glass manufacturers Gujarat Borosil Limited petitioned DGTR to impose a countervailing duty on the import of glass from Malaysia.

Borosil had said that temperament glassmakers in Malaysia had benefited from subsidies provided by the government of Malaysia and other public bodies at various levels. Both direct and potential transfers of subsidy money or liabilities were included.

The latest notification states that the duty if applicable:

  • The tempered glass has been exported from Malaysia to India at discounted prices.
  • Domestic Industry has suffered material injury due to subsidies from tempered glass.
  • Material injury is due to the concessional import of tempered glass origination or exported from Malaysia.

The applicable rate for calculating such countervailing duty in the exchange rate shall be the rate specified in the notification government of India.

August 2020, DGTR published a list of parties interested in investigating the subject of the import of solar glass from anti-subsidy Malaysia.

Xynyi solar (Malaysia) submitted an answer to an exporter questionnaire and offered a government response to the embassy Malaysia. Waaree energy, Isolation Energy, Patanjali Renewable Energy, and Goldi solar Pvt Ltd also responded to the importer questionnaire.

Source: MercomIndia