Renewable energy capacity addition is expected to see an expansion of nearly 10% in 2021. The report published by IEA on Analysis & forecast to 2025 described the two factors that drive this force of action:

  • The commissioning of delayed projects
  • The robust pipeline of incoming projects, stuck in pre-Corona previously with now issuing lower cost.

India is expanding its installed solar power capacity exponentially & the report also indicates that it is expected to be the largest contributor to the renewables upswing in 2021, with doubling the installed capacity. A large number of solar projects are about to be commissioned in 2021 which were prepared for 2020.

With the continuous auctioning of utility-scale solar PV projects & wind projects, the European Union is also tending to contribute a big number for renewables. France & Germany are in-line with commissioning these utility-scale projects sooner.

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Source:- IEA Report