India is now in a strategic pact with International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). This is to strengthen collaboration with the energy body in the field of Renewable Energy.

In the agreement signing was present Ministry of Renewable Energy (MNRE) Secretary, Indu Shekhar Chaturvedi and IRENA Director General Franscesco La Camera. The signing took place during the 12th IRENA Assembly.

India is a renewable energy powerhouse and a country whose energy transition action speaks louder than their words, said Francesco La Camera.

Secretary, MNRE & IRENA Director General

India has shown a massive international energy cooperation as a key global actor in the shift to renewables and founding member of International Renewable Energy Agency . This already strong relation is in the phase to reach new heights and create bars.

India installed 13 Gigawatts of renewable in 2021 and has grown its capacity by over 53GW in the last 5 years. This positions India as one of the fastest growing renewable energy adopters in the world. With massive renewable energy potential, India has an aim to become a major producer of green hydrogen to support decarbonization of industrial economy.

According to IRENA, hydrogen will account for around 12 per cent of total energy supply in a 1.5AoC world by 2050.