India has installed 39,104 MW of solar power grid as of February end this year, according to the latest figures shared by the parliamentary energy minister.

Most of this power comes from the Karnataka Government, which has installed 7355 MW. Karnataka is followed by Rajasthan (5473 MW) and Tamil Nadu (4404 MW) on the installed PV capacity.

Sikkim, which has only 0.07 MW, has very little grid-connected PV. The new grid-connected additions in the 2020-21 budget are 4477 MW from February 28. This compares with 9363 MW in 2017-18, 6529 MW in 2018-19, and 6447 MW in 2019-20.

Off-grid solar

On off-grid solar, the nation has installed 79,48,219 collecting solar lights/lights, 1,723,479 solar lighting systems, 830,373 solar street lights, 281,368 solar pumps, and 216 MWp solar panels/packets from February at the end of the year.

At 216 MWp capacity of the off-grid solar plant, the majority are installed in Chhattisgarh (31,373 kW), followed by Rajasthan (30,449 kW) and Kerala (16,078 kW)
Under the PM-KUSUM Scheme, the government intends to install 20 lakh independent solar pumps by December 2022.

Source: PV Magazine India