The Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA) is floating in a bid to establish 5 GW of grid connected solar power projects in India (Tranche III) under the Central Public Sector Undertaking (CPSU) program (Phase II). The closing date for bidding is March 04, 2021. Bids will open on March 08. The pre-bid meeting will be on February 18.

Bid bidders will be required to pay a fee of ₹ 4,00,000/- as a cash deposit (EMD).

In April last year, MNRE released amendments regarding the establishment of 12 GW projects with Viability Gap Funding Support (VGF) by CPSUs for their own use or use by government agencies.

The program aims to provide the necessary policy framework for the selection and implementation of 12 or more GW of grid and VGF solar projects by government producers such as the public sector. The total project cost of 12 GW solar projects under this program is estimated at ₹ 48,000 Cr. As an amendment, IREDA was made the implementing agency on behalf of MNRE, including bidding for the VGF route.

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