The state government is preparing to connect 100 villages with solar power. The joint preparation of Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development Agency (JREDA) and Jharkhand Livelihood Promotion Society (JSLPS) will do the work.

Both the organizations have been given the work by state government of Jharkhand to visit, promote and install solar energy. Till the date 100 villages have been connected under the scheme and 100 villages more will be done in the same way.

According to the plan, first phase and priority is given to the villages which do not get electricity from the grid. In such a situation, along with the survey in the first phase, hundred villages were connected with solar energy in the State so far. While for other villages JREDA and JSLPS are doing survey to provide facility of the scheme. In this, such villages will also be included, where electricity has been provided under solar power in the past as well. It has a remote and inaccessible village.

Under this scheme, 1000 villages of the State have to be equipped with solar energy. A timeline of 5 years has been set for the same under the scheme. Also, 5,000 MW of solar power generation is included in the target.

Along with solar generation in remote areas, street lights, connecting water sources with solar, high mast energy are goals set by the agency to provide to the villages. Two types of villages are being selected under this scheme in the State. The villages that have already been solar powered by JREDA. These villages are being included in this. At the same time, those villages which do not have electricity resources, those villages are being surveyed. Such villages are not being included in the scheme, where electricity is available from the grid.