In order to promote clean, affordable, and reliable energy solutions, the government of Meghalaya and the Ladakh Union Territory, alone, has signed a Memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Convergence of the Energy Services Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the energy Efficiency Services Ltd., which produces about 65 MW, and the centralized solar power plants.

In the initial memorandum of understanding with the Meghalaya Power Distribution Corporation Ltd. (MePDCL), CESL has signed a Memorandum of understanding, at a cost of about 60 MW, and the will to seek synergies across the business, in order to carry out a variety of sustainable solutions, such as pumps, LED lighting and solar energy farms. Along with Ladakh, CESL will be selling a variety of clean energy and energy efficiency programs, including the decentralized solar energy in the Zanskar region of the country with a capacity of 5 MW, and

Mahua Acharya, CEO of Convergence energy services and managing director, said: “a Centralized energy is the way to go, it reduces the DISCOM costs, to improve the electrical quality and will open up opportunities for a green future-the demand for people with the energy-efficient home appliances. We are very pleased to be the launch of Meghalaya, and Ladakh, and the progress towards the elimination of fossil fuel use in the united states.”

Ladakh Lieutenant Governor of the RK Mathur said, ” For the security of energy supply in Ladakh, the value is there. We are pleased that the CESL, and is committed to improving the quality of life of the people, and in Ladakh, in order to provide renewable energy and energy efficient solutions that can be implemented in the critical areas of Ladakh.

Arunkumar Kembhavi, CMD, Meghalaya Power Distribution Corporation Ltd., said,” Our intent with the CESL will allow us to be confident that, in its power, and turn it to Meghalaya, we’re going to be able to provide the best possible solutions for the future. This will save energy, reduce the scientific and technical losses, and also help to increase the state’s solar energy. We are looking forward to it.”

The memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed on the eve of World Environment Day in order to provide the state with clean, affordable, and reliable energy solutions. This is a very important step towards strengthening India’s position as a global green, state and contributing to the development of clean energy in the country.

Source: Economic Times