The Maharashtra State Cabinet has issued a ‘Extraordinary Power Generation Policy’ to promote unconventional power generation.

The goal is divided into two parts. In the first phase of this policy, the government intends to spend 17,360 MW of renewable energy projects linked to the project by 2025. These include 12,930 MW of solar power projects, 2,500 MW of wind power projects, 1350 MW of joint production projects, 380 MW of small water projects, and 200 MW of solid urban projects.

12,930 MW of solar projects include 10 GW of private solar projects, 2 GW of solar-powered grid projects, 500 MW of solar water supply projects, 250 MW of solar production projects for farmers, among others.

Under the second phase of the policy, the state plans to spend more than Rs.78 crore($ 10.5 million) / year. A gearless project refers to grid projects not connected to the grid.

These include 100,000 solar agricultural pumps, 52,000 solar roofs, 2,000 solar water stations, 10,000 rural electrification, 20 microgrid home projects, 20 square meters – 55,000 solar / cooking systems, and 800 cold storage systems for 800 projects.

In December, the state cabinet had approved the drafting of the 2020 Unauthorized Energy Production Policy. He hopes to address the problems of power outages and pollution due to rapid industrial development and urban sprawl.

Source:- Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA)