The Ministry of power (MoP) has issued an order to abide the transmission losses beared by renewable power system developers. It stated “Pursuant to the provisions of the Tariff Policy, Government have issued revised orders on the 5th of August 2020 providing that the inter-state transmission charges and losses will not be levied on the transmission of electricity generated from power plants using solar and wind sources of energy including solar-wind hybrid power plant with or without storage which have been commissioned on or before the 30th June 2023; provided that the sale of power is to entities having Renewable Purchase Obligations, irrespective of whether the power is within RPO or not – and provided that in case of distribution licensees, the power has been procured competitively in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Central Government.”

“…it had been represented that in such cases the eligible renewable power projects should not be deprived of the waiver of inter-state transmission charges and losses. It was also considered that provisions related to applicability of ISTS charges and losses waiver to all obligated entities needs a relook.”, written in the notice.

Criteria set for ISTS waiver by MoP-

  1. Power Plant Commissioned up to 30th June, 2023 (read full detail in attached file).
  2. Solar PV power plants commissioned under “MNRE‘s Central Public Sector Undertaking (CPSU) Scheme Phase-II (Government Producer Scheme) dated 5.3.2019″.
  3. Solar PV power plants commissioned under SECI Tender for manufacturing linked capacity scheme (RFS No SECI/C&PIRfSI2GW Manufacturing/P-3/R1/062019dated 25.06.2019) for sale to entities having RPO, irrespective of whether this power is within RPO or not.
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