Due to excellent upkeep and very close monitoring of operations of solar power plants and numerous innovative steps taken under Solar Mission, 2021-22, the productivity of solar plants in North Central Railway is registering an upward trajectory.

While NCR generated 81 lakh units of energy using solar power during April-December, 2020-21, this year 94 lakhs units of energy have been generated using solar power in the same period, an improvement of 16% over last year. NCR has achieved a net revenue saving of 3.82 crores using solar power during April-December, 2021.

According to principal chief electrical engineer of NCR, Satish Kothari, utmost importance is being given to the maintenance of solar plants. NCR has a total installed capacity of 11.03 MWp.

While 120 kWp has been installed by the Railway, the remaining 10882.34 kWp capacity has been installed by two major solar power developers, (SPD) Azure and ReNew, on a PPP basis.

Among the major places where rooftop solar plants have been installed are station buildings, workshops, training schools, besides GM office and DRM office buildings.

“About 8,000 tones of reduction in carbon footprints have been achieved by NCR using solar power during April-December 2021,” Kothari said.

An important parameter of the performance of solar plants is the capacity utilization factor (CUF). NCR solar panels have shown a CUF of 12.9% during the same period, which is considered as an appreciable performance, he added.

GM NCR Pramod Kumar has called for adopting a focussed approach for augmenting the share of solar energy in its total non-traction electrical energy consumption.

Talking of area-wise performance of Railway solar plants during April-December, 2021-22, the official informed that for at Prayagraj, the total installed capacity is 1771KWP, wherein solar panels are installed at Prayagraj Junction, Naini station, Prayagraj Chheoki, Mela shed, GM office, DRM office and Central Hospital. The solar energy generated is 1567893 Kwh (1460979 Kwh generated in April-December 2020) and in terms of revenue saved, it is Rs 50,94,162, which also means reduction of 1317 tonnes of carbon footprints.

Source: TOI