NTPC Ltd. invites online bids for 190MW grid-connected solar PV power project at Nokh Solar park in Rajasthan. JV looking out for achieving completion of the project on time. This tender include two envelopes (i.e. Envelope-I:  Technical  Bid  and  Envelope-II:  Financial  Bid).

The last date to submit the bids is February 10, 2021. The bids will also be opened on the same day. The pre-bid meeting will be held on January 27. Interested bidders will have to submit a performance bank guarantee of ₹8,00,000/MW. The guarantee will have to be submitted by the successful bidder within 15 days from the date of the issue of the letter of award.

The solar cells & modules for this project should be procured from manufacturers included in ‘Approved list of Models & Manufacturers’ published by MNRE.

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The tender specified that the bidder’s net worth should be equal to or greater than ₹80,00,000/MW of the quoted capacity on the last day of the previous financial year. The bidder’s minimum annual turnover should be at least ₹41,45,000/MW of the quoted capacity during the last financial year.

The bidder should also have internal resource generation capacity in the form of profit before depreciation, interest, and taxes  for a minimum amount of ₹8,30,000/MW of the quoted capacity as on the last date of the previous financial year. Along with this, the bidder should have a sanction letter from the lending institutions committing a line of credit for a minimum amount of ₹10,36,000/MW of the quoted capacity toward meeting the working capital requirement of the project.