A flagship company overtaking charge of EV charging stations. Green revolution for India is setting up its base to see an upcoming future of clean air.

Okaya Power Group has announced to have bagged a major World Bank-funded contract from EESL. Energy Efficiency Services Limited, a JV of PSUs of Ministry of Power, Govt. of India. EESL has given this contract to OKAYA for supply, installation and commissioning of 1020 multi-standard EV charging stations with CCS, CHAdeMO & Bharat specification Protocol across India.

Anshul Gupta, Director, Okaya Power Private Ltd. said, “We have achieved a stupendous feat by securing this significant contract from the EESL.”

Okaya is one of the leading company in lithium battery manufacturing in India. It has already installed 500 EV charging stations in India & set to move ahead with this goal of providing a way to have access to clean fuel all across the country.

Source:- www.okayapower.com/press-release