As a leader in renewable energy and renewable energy, the state of Rajasthan is poised to launch a new Rs 30,000 crore clean energy project that will help a country rich in solar and wind energy to conserve more energy generated by clean energy sources. The national government has been in the process of launching its first solar-powered hybrid project, a wind that will produce clean and green energy and pump water-saving projects for energy conservation.

The government has been promoting energy conservation solutions under the Rajasthan Solar Energy 2019. Policy and Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Limited (RRECL) has received a number of proposals for energy conservation projects in line with policy policies.

The company has accepted Greenko’s proposal to develop a hybrid project with 3600 MW solar (s) and 900 MW wind turbines paired with a 2520 MW Pump Hydro Storage Plant. Solar and wind projects will be set up in Pali and Jaisalmer, Pump Hydro Storage will be located in Shahpur, Baran district.

The total cost of the project according to RRECL is Rs 30,000, of which the project to maintain the pump will be constructed at a cost of Rs 11,882 Crore.

Dr. Subodh Agarwal (IAS), CMD of RRECL said, “among the projects that seek policy benefits is the proposed hydropower project to be developed for the Baran region. Excess solar power will be used to pump water to the lake at a higher elevation. The potential for water will be restored using oil-fired power. It will be the first of its kind in the world to integrate the solar, wind, and hydroelectric power plants to produce uninterrupted electricity. ”

The final facility will be a 2520 MW Standalone pump storage project. It will use 1.7 TMC of water but will not use water as it will also travel by bicycle between the upper and lower lakes. As long as the storage area is part of the production capacity, it brings a new dawn to the solar energy sector.

The energy stored can help to bridge the gap between solar power from solar farms and wind power that can vary in different climates. The last unit will help as a backup and help ensure endless supply. And when needed at any time, the retained units can compensate for low power generation in the afternoons.

Anil Chalamalasetty, Founder, MD & CEO of Greenko Group said, “The company is very grateful to the Government of Rajasthan for recognizing the value and potential of Pumped Storage solutions and the many benefits they will bring to the government without providing low cost-cutting solutions.” completed in 2023-24 will be the “Most Powerful Renewable Property on Earth” and will strengthen and contribute significantly to Rajasthan’s efforts as a model state in the adoption of sustainable future solutions.”

He further added that “GreenKo’s vision for the future of sustainable energy in India is based on Integrated Renewable Energy Conservation Projects (IRESPs) which includes Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Pumped Storage Energy and Intelligent Energy Platforms. how to explore the security of power in Rajasthan and India. The IRESPs will ensure long-term sustainability and a 20 percent reduction in electricity prices nationally while allowing for grid stability, security, and the potential for deep future segregation of India’s energy sector.”

Significantly, the Government of Rajasthan has set a target of 30,000 MW of solar power projects up to 2024-25. The generated energy will be used by Discoms or other organizations to meet their needs and to fulfill the Renewable Liability (RPO) as determined by RERC under the solar policy. The state also aims to develop solar power projects to sell energy to Rajasthan’s Disco Non-Disco organizations and the use of hostages, both inside and outside the state.

Source: Saur Energy